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18 December 2010 @ 02:59 am
Fic: The Kids From Yesterday?  
Title: The Kids From Yesterday?
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way, implied Gerard Way/Mikey Way and Gerard/Frank/Mikey and maybe Gerard/Frank/Mikey/Ray, if you squint. (Basically, they're all fucking.)
A/N: THE CONCERT WAS SO FUCKING AMAZING so of course I had to write fic. What can I say? Their hair was very inspiring. And then Frank and Gee were the first ones to leave the stage, and, well. How was I not supposed to twist that into something more?
Title (yes, it is supposed to be a question) from the MCR song of the same name. Cut, too.

The sweat hasn’t even dried before Frank’s pressing Gerard up against the wall, jet black tangling with vivid red as he twists his fingers into drenched hair and licks into the singer’s mouth.

“You were fucking amazing out there, Gee,” he mutters, teeth grazing Gerard’s pale throat as he arches his neck, pressing his hips to Frank’s with a bitten-off groan that Frank does his best to forget. He knows Gee’s thoughts are still out on that stage, the thrum of Mikey’s bass through the walls eliciting those gasps.

But when Gerard tips Frank’s chin up and meets his gaze at last- no words necessary, it’s been long enough- Frank knows he hasn’t been forgotten. Knows how much Gee needs this, how he’d never admit it but how much they all depend on it; fuck the drinking and the drugs, all they’ve ever really been addicted to is each other, and none of them are strong enough to resist. If they’re being honest, they never could.

Then Gee is biting at Frank’s lips, kissing them bruised and swollen with the guitarist’s too-long hair coiled impossibly dark between thin white fingers. Gerard’s own hair falls like a curtain around them, and Frank finds himself wishing “if you can’t see them, they can’t see you” were true; he’d stay here forever, with Gee’s lips on his own and the adrenaline rush in his veins numbing the guilt that’s sure to follow.

The real world can wait, though, and Frank presses Gerard even deeper into the shadows, slotting their hips together as the heat and the rush of performing transforms into something darker, more captivating and forbidden than ever before. Neither of them even notices as the drums and bass fade away, until Frank feels lithe fingers trail down his back with a precision and intent that makes him shiver. He pulls back just in time to see Mikey’s Cheshire Cat grin and the flick of his hair as he retreats, leaving the two of them alone in the shadows once more.

Gerard’s eyes follow Mikey until he’s out of view, his gaze hungry as he turns back to Frank; the guitarist lets himself be manhandled, pressed into Gerard’s previous position as the singer tugs away the neck of his shirt to bite down, hard, and when Frank twists a hand into Gee’s hair to pull him back he’s reminded of blood, and his head starts to spin. He can’t explain it, and he’s not entirely sure he wants to; all he knows is that he wants- no, needs- so much more.

The cascade of red and black envelops them once more as Frank’s lips press to Gerard’s in an impossibly, abnormally sweet kiss, murmuring into the singer’s mouth, “Bus. Now.” Ray had gone ahead of them to distract the 89X team and security detail, but he could only hold them off for so long; anyway, Frank had seen the way Gerard had watched Mikey go. Exactly the way you aren’t supposed to look at your little brother, he remembered him saying all those years ago, but “supposed to” had never been in their vocabulary to begin with, so why start now? Still, Frank knew what Gee needed, and at that moment, it wasn’t him.

Stealing one last kiss from that red, red mouth- bitten to a shade resembling his shocking hair- Frank takes a step back, steeling himself as Gee straightens his clothes and shuts his eyes, tilting his head back with a shudder. It’s been so long since they’ve done this, and he hasn’t quite returned to the swing of things; still, he reaches for Frank’s hand, twining their fingers together for just a moment and suddenly, finally he can breathe again.

Letting go, he practices his most winning of smiles, training his gaze on Frank, who bursts out laughing. Gee can’t even pretend to look hurt- he just lets his expression soften into a grin that’s more natural, more real, the way he can only be with, well, his band. His family.

He curls his fingers around Frank’s neck one last time before the guitarist has a chance to slip away, open mouths meeting in a kiss that’s impossible to read, except to them- it’s thanks and a promise, lingering even as they step out into the light.
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princess larissa: f & g ~skittlesnfrankorange74 on November 6th, 2011 06:05 am (UTC)
so yeah, I am reading some of your older fic now... I am bad at LJ and need to be better.


I see you have a biting thing too...

My MCR OTP is Frank/Mikey but this is HOT. And I totally miss Frank's hair

and appropriate icon is appropriate

Edited at 2011-11-06 06:06 am (UTC)