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28 August 2010 @ 03:19 am
Be Your Teenage Dream Tonight  
Title: Be Your Teenage Dream Tonight
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: RPF involving actors from Star Trek/Heroes and Chuck/White Collar
Pairing: Zachary Quinto/Matt Bomer
A/N: I don't own either of these gorgeous, incredibly talented boys, but oh how I wish I did. Erm...inspired by the fact that they went to college together and in my mind, college = experimentation, y/y?
Oh, roommates in this fic, for those who are interested...
Corey Moosa & Neal Dodson
Matt Bomer & Chris Pine (who is not actually mentioned, but if I get back to this ever, he will be)
Zachary Quinto & Simon Halls (scandal!)
...and yes, I know that CFine and Simon didn't go to CMU. Whatever. For the purposes of this fic, of course they did! :)
Also, title and cut text from Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream".

Matt can't help but notice the boy sitting alone on the stairs, his expression bored as hell behind the glasses that obscure half his face. A little geeky, Matt thinks, but a lot adorable; fuck it, he tells himself, he probably doesn't know anyone here either. He sets down his red plastic cup and moves to accompany the boy, pleased- and unsuprised- that no one stops him.

Zach looks up at the boy with only mild curiosity, half-expecting another frat boy drunkenly encouraging him to "get out there and mingle, man; the ladies won't come to you!" (Zach likes to predict how many drinks it would take to make each of them forget that he likes girls; closet cases, every single one of them, Jesus H. Fucking Christ), but then he meets the eyes of the one before him and forgets how to fucking speak.

"I'm Matt." The blue-eyed boy smiles and reaches out a hand, which Zach takes numbly, still somewhat lost in the ocean of his companion's eyes. "And you are...?"

Zach pulls himself together enough to respond with his name and move to make room for Matt. "Join me."

Zach takes note of Matt's accent as he speaks, somewhat entertained and more than somewhat turned on by the Southern lilt. He's distracted once again by his (overactive) imagination when Matt addresses him, this time wondering, "So, do you hate these things as much as I do?"

Get it together, Zach tells himself, registering the question after a pause that's just slightly too long to be natural. "I have a feeling I could give you a run for your money on that one," he tells Matt, raising an eyebrow as one corner of his mouth quirks up. "So, if we both hate this...what the hell are we still doing here?"

"Oh, thank god," Matt sighs theatrically, getting to his feet. "I was starting to worry we'd be stuck here all night." He grins and offers Zach a hand, pulling the slightly taller boy up with him. "So, my dorm or yours?"

"Mine," Zach offers without hesitation. "My roommate's here somewhere, he probably won't be back 'til late, so it's not like there'll be anyone to disturb." He gives Matt a smile that's returned in spades, anticipation filling his gut.

They get the basics out of the way as they walk back to Zach's dorm: they're both aspiring drama majors (unsuprising, considering the party they'd just come from was hosted by a drama frat looking for new pledges), they're both from two entirely different worlds (Zach grew up in Pittsburgh, Matt in a small town outside Houston), and, well, they're both gay.

"So, Texas...what's that like?"

"Close-minded. To say the least." Matt pauses; then, "Let's just say I'm glad to be here. Hoping I can finally leave that shit behind. For good." His eyes meet Zach's for just a moment, reflecting the streetlights that line the sidewalk, and nothing more needs to be said.

They make their way up to Zach's dorm, and Matt can't help but watch the curve of Zach's ass as he crosses the threshold, jeans just a bit too tight in a way that makes his own start to feel uncomfortably confining.

"You smoke?" Zach asks, patting the bed as he invites Matt to sit. He reaches over to his desk without waiting for an answer, rattling through a drawer until he finds a battered joint.

"Only done it once or twice," Matt confesses, somewhat embarrassed by his sheltered upbringing. "But I don't mind if you do..."

"It's no fun if it's just me," Zach tells him with a mischievous grin, retrieving a lighter from the same drawer and turning back to Matt. "Come on, I'll help you out," he offers, pulling off his glasses and placing them gingerly to the side.

Matt sucks in his breath, trying to contain the thrill that rushes through him at the sight of Zach without his glasses. Beautiful doesn't begin to describe him; deep brown eyes, simultaneously warm and overwhelmingly intense, thick, sculpted black brows that match his dark hair perfectly, and the slightest hint of stubble lining his jaw, oddly rough against his flawless skin.

"Just relax," Zach is saying when Matt comes back to earth, clicking the lighter as he places the joint between his lips, and god, Matt wants to kiss him, fuck the consequences and just-

"Relax," Zach repeats as he leans in, taking a hit and cupping a hand around Matt's neck, pulling him forward as smoke curls from his lips.

Zach's lips brush Matt's just enough to drive him insane, coaxing his mouth open with the slightest pressure. He exhales, careful, but Matt has to pull away as the smoke floods his mouth, coughing violently, color flooding his cheeks.

Zach waits until Matt can breathe again, sucking in the smoke and letting it slip between his lips as he grins wickedly. "Wanna try again?"

Matt's nothing if not determined, nodding and steeling himself as Zach takes another hit and leans in, this time sealing his mouth to Matt's without hesitation.

The air suffocates between their mouths, saturated with smoke as Zach breathes gently against Matt's lips, a hand curling around the back of his head to hold him steady.

This time, Matt doesn't cough. Can barely bring himself to move at all, terrified and thrilled at the press of Zach's mouth to his own, the smoke stinging the back of his throat and sinking into his lungs until he can feel the buzz rising in his chest.

His eyes open slowly as Zach pulls away, his own satisfied gaze reflected back at him through a haze of lust.

"Hey," Matt murmurs, smiling lazily up at Zach as his hands come to rest on the boy's hips, thumbs pressing into the contours of muscle through his thin shirt.

"Hey," Zach responds, tone equally languid as he presses his nose to Matt's and inhales deeply, the forgotten joint dangling loosely between his fingers. His eyes slip shut, a contented smile crossing his features as his head drops to rest against Matt's shoulder, breath sending a shiver through the other boy as it tickles his neck.

Matt glances down at Zach as best he can, suppressing a giggle as he tugs the joint from his fingers and takes a hit for himself, tilting his head back and letting the smoke slip between his teeth, thin tendrils curling up around his face.

He sighs and leans over to the desk beside the bed, placing the joint in the small metal dish that appears to serve as a makeshift ashtray. He's careful not to disturb Zach as he shifts back, running his fingers through the other boy's hair as his own eyes fall shut, chest rising and falling with the steady cadence of his breath.

Matt's back is pressed to the wall when he opens his eyes, Zach's form just visible beside him in the dark room. They're not quite touching, but Matt can tell from Zach's unsteady breath, the restless flutter of his eyelids that he's awake.

"Zach?" There's no one in the other bed as far as Matt can see, but something about the still peace of the room inclines him to whisper.

Zach's eyes open instantly, teeth a blinding white through the darkness as he grins up at Matt. "You were pretty out of it. Decided I'd let you sleep it off."

Matt feels the color rise in his cheeks, suddenly thankful for the darkness. "How long was I out?"

"Maybe an hour?" Zach smiles once more, gentler this time, and Matt has to hold himself back as the urge to pin Zach down, to kiss him until they're both breathless and desperate, overwhelms him once again. "Thanks," he manages, voice sounding strange in his own ears as he looks away, unsure of what to say.

Then Zach's hand is on his arm, firm grip guiding him back against the wall with a devilish smirk.

Matt opens his mouth to speak, but he's saved from finding the right words to say when Zach lays one long finger against his lips. "Don't say anything," he instructs, then hesitates and amends, "unless you want me to stop."

All Matt can do is stare up at Zach, bright blue eyes wide and shining with anticipation, lust- anything but refusal. Zach grins.


Then there's a knee pressing in on either side of Matt's hips as Zach straddles him, rocking back so that they're barely touching; only the slightest friction from the waist down as Zach's hands settle on Matt's hips, fingers molding perfectly to his body. "Not too much?" he asks, clearly hopeful but at the same time reassuring, careful, and it's the gentle element that does Matt in; makes him press his fingers to the small of Zach's back, pulling him in almost unconsciously, wanting, needing everything that Zach's offering.

"Guess this is okay," Zach murmurs, half to himself, and the wicked smile is back as he tilts Matt's chin up and captures his mouth in a kiss, breath hot between their lips.

Zach's tongue slips between Matt's lips, sliding gingerly across his teeth as the corners of his mouth curl up in satisfaction. His fingers are fisted in Matt's shirt while Matt's hands slip lower, arching up to pull Zach as close as he can manage.

Zach breaks off the kiss with a groan as his hips fit flush to Matt's, feeling the press of the other man's arousal to his own through far too much rough denim. Matt is panting beneath him at the friction, palming Zach's ass through his jeans as he tries to get closer still, lips dark and shining, looking utterly abused.

"Fuck," Zach moans at the sight, craning his neck once more to seal his lips to Matt's, kissing him hungrily as his hips continue to move, desperate and demanding.

Matt's the one who pulls back this time, eyes hooded as he gazes up at Zach. "Roommate?" is all he can manage, but Zach understands.

"Simon texted me. Got lucky with some trick. Won't be back tonight."

The words register slowly, but with an odd sort of clarity. Then-

"He's gay, too?"

Zach just smirks.

"Isn't college great?"

Matt responds by pulling Zach to him by the front of his shirt, all lips and tongues and teeth as they kiss, messy, almost violent. They separate only to rid one another of their shirts and then Zach has Matt pinned back against the mattress, hips moving in torturous circles as the kisses deepen.

Zach's gaze when he pulls back- minutes, hours later- is shadowed with lust, raking over Matt's mussed hair, bare chest, the vivid cerulean of his eyes with nothing less than wanton desire.

"I'm gonna blow you now," he informs Matt, tone matter-of-fact but choked with something more, something that makes his fingers tremble as his nails rake lightly down Matt's torso, unsteady but determined in their course.

Matt's head tilts back as he groans; it's too much, and he feels like he could come from Zach's words alone, from the press of hips to his and the sensation of Zach's fingers, tongue trailing down his chest. He can't help but squirm away, a giggle escaping as Zach's tongue dips briefly into his navel, but the laughter turns breathless as he moves lower.

Zach mouths the outline of Matt's cock through his jeans, tongue trailing the length with just enough pressure to drive Matt insane. His hands fist in the sheets, a hiss escaping between clenched teeth as Zach pulls away, breath hot against the damp fabric. "Fuck, just- please-"

Zach's obliges, fingers tugging at the button, zipper of Matt's jeans, pulling the material out of the way; he wants to touch, to taste, and more than anything, he wants skin.

Matt groans, arching his neck as Zach's cheek presses to his exposed cock, stubble scraping lightly across the head. A streak of precome decorates Zach's skin when he pulls back, and his gaze is wickedly intense as he reaches up with a single finger to wipe it away. His eyes are locked with Matt's as he sucks the finger into his mouth, throat working visibly around its length.

Matt can't help the strangled moan that escapes when the finger slips from Zach's mouth, impeccably clean and shiny with spit; he thrusts up, almost involuntarily, but Zach is more than ready to take everything Matt can give.

It's nearly effortless, the way Zach swallows down Matt's cock, the head brushing the back of his throat as his tongue slips down the length. Both sensations combine to torture Matt, fingers reaching to touch hollowed cheeks, feel the slick slide of his cock between Zach's lips, unbelievably eager and nonchalant at once.

Zach's fingers brush over Matt's own, lips curving up in as much of a smile as he can manage as his hand finds its way between Matt's legs. The angle is awkward, but Zach manages to reach his goal nonetheless; he's rewarded by a sharp gasp and Matt's fingers twisting violently in the sheets as a single digit slides across his perineum, teasing the sensitive skin ruthlessly.

Zach pulls off Matt's cock briefly, ignoring his whine at the loss. "You like that?" he inquires, knowing the answer full well, as his finger dips lower to circle Matt's entrance. "Hmm?"

"F-fuck." Matt can't think, let alone speak, avoiding Zach's expectant gaze from his perch between his legs as he attempts to remember how to breathe.

"Yes. Just- yes. Please."

Zach grins as he takes Matt's cock in his free hand, head dipping ever lower to trace his tongue across the hole where his fingers had been moments earlier. He alternates between the two as Matt's head falls back against the sheets, mouth open in a silent moan as he attempts to spread his legs wider, pull Zach in deeper.

Then Zach slides his tongue in beside, between his scissored fingers, opening Matt up as the other boy writhes and pants beneath him, the sheets tangled around his legs and between his fingers, knuckles turning white as his grip tightens. It's all too much, not enough, even as Zach's hand strokes his cock in rhythm with the thrusts of his tongue, fingers, and Matt can hardly breathe and he's desperate, ready to come but he knows that if he can wait, keep this going just a little bit longer, well, clearly Zach knows what he's doing.

As if reading Matt's mind, Zach pulls back only moments later, fingers sliding out cleanly while Matt groans at the loss, disappointed but nearly shaking with anticipation of what's to come.

Zach's gaze is darker, even more intense than before, a feat Matt might have considered impossible moments earlier. He can tell already that Zach is the kind to never do things halfway, to take everything seriously and to finish what he starts.

He's also, Matt notes with equal degrees admiration and intimidation, probably one of the best fucking actors at this school.

Then Zach pins him with those molten, almost black eyes, running a finger over his own darkened lips as he watches Matt's chest rise and fall with his breath, tracing a path up his body to meet the fire of those ocean blue eyes, and Matt forgets how to think.

"Want more?"

The lust, the outright need in Zach's tone pushes Matt right to the edge, his self-control dangling by a thread as he nods, breathless, not trusting himself to speak. Zach just smiles, and there's no surprise in his expression but rather the slightest hint of success, victory, though Matt's not entirely certain which of them has won.

Then Zach's pulling off his jeans and reaching for a condom, ripping the foil open with his teeth- fuck, people actually do that?- and rolling it onto his cock in a single swift motion, never once taking his eyes off Matt's. There's a hunger in his gaze, a look that's so downright seductive that Matt's afraid if he touches himself, if Zach touches him, he's not going to be able to hold back.

Luckily Zach seems to know better than to torture Matt any longer. He leans forward as if to straddle him, sliding his hands along Matt's sides- and then stops.

A groan escapes Matt's throat as Zach tries to contain his smirk, hovering over his body with a mischievous glint in his eye. "Are you sure you're ready?"

Matt's had enough of his games. Grabbing Zach's hand, he guides it down between his legs, brushing their joined fingers over his (hard, leaking) cock and lower still, tracing his entrance (open, waiting). A shiver racks his body at the touch, "fuck yes, I'm ready," escaping in a murmur.

Zach's eyes flash and he pulls his hand back, growling, "good," as he lines himself up and pushes in- immediate, hard, perfect.

"Finally," Matt groans, pulling Zach down for a kiss and feeling their mouths open against one another, messy and wet as Zach thrusts back in, unrelenting, and all Matt can do is drag him closer. He hears himself whimper, "harder," and he doesn't even care that he sounds pathetic, desperate; Zach's breathing is ragged, and Matt can tell he's just as close to losing control.

So he decides to push him over the edge.

It takes all his strength to flip them, locking his ankles around Zach's legs as he pushes him down and straddles his lean form, never once breaking contact. He catches a glimmer of surprise and- admiration?- before Zach tilts his head back, a smile on his lips as he watches Matt expectantly.

Matt can't help but kiss him again, leaning down to capture Zach's lips beneath his own as he pushes back, sinking further onto his cock. He can feel the catch in Zach's breath, the slightest moan vibrating throughout his chest, and he knows he has Zach at his mercy.

His panting gasps had been hot enough, but nothing could prepare Matt for the sound of Zach's groans, quiet at first but growing steadily louder as Matt thrusts back against him, just as merciless as Zach had proved to be only moments earlier. His hands slide over Zach's chest, tracing the fine layer of hair that darkens his skin, almost a heart-shaped pattern that rises and falls with his breath like a pulse. Matt smiles at the thought and leans down to kiss the edge of his jaw, working his way lower, until-

"Nice try."

Zach's grinning face is above him once again, looking pleased with himself as he asks, "Did you really think I was gonna let you have the upper hand?"

Matt fumbles for an answer that won't make him sound like a complete fool, settling on silence instead as he glares up at Zach, lips twisting into a smile against his will. "Fuck you."

This answer delights Zach to no end. "Actually, I'd much rather fuck you." He leans down to kiss Matt quickly, biting at his lips before he pulls back and fulfills his promise, burying his face in Matt's shoulder as his hips snap forward.

If Matt could think, he'd probably fear for the mattress. He can hear, somewhere in the back of his mind, the squeak of springs that don't quite sound like they're meant for this kind of activity; but with Zach's heartbeat pounding in time with his own, every noise he makes (from the softest of sighs to a steady stream of curse words, with Matt's name thrown in after every bitten-off fuck) pressed right to his ear, Matt doesn't notice a thing other than the boy on, inside him, driving him insane with every touch.

He knows he won't be able to hold on much longer. He's never felt anything quite like this before; never let himself go enough to truly enjoy the experience, to drown in his senses and pray he never has to come up for air. But he can feel Zach getting close as well, can hear the way his breath quickens, hips stuttering as his fingers dig in hard enough to bruise, and Matt thinks maybe it's okay to lose himself completely for a while.

"Come on," he urges Zach, leaning up as best he can to nip at his collar, his throat. "Come for me." He's not entirely sure what he's saying- am I doing this right?- but Zach's answering moan seems to indicate that maybe he's not entirely off base after all.

Then he feels a hand snake between their bodies, between his legs, and he forgets how to think altogether.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck..." He's incoherent as his hands scrabble for purchase on the sheets beneath him, eyes slipping shut as he tries to hold himself back, but it's all too much and everything's so raw and he's so close and-

"Matt. Open your eyes."

He does as he's told. He's completely helpless at the sound of that voice, those three simple words sending shivers through his body- or maybe that's the flick of Zach's wrist as their eyes meet in a wave of intensity that's the end of it all.

They come nearly simultaneously, keeping their gazes locked for as long as they can manage before they give themselves over completely, Zach burying his face in Matt's shoulder as he comes down from his high. He lets out a happy murmur that turns to a slightly breathless laugh, tickling Matt's sweat-slick skin as he lifts himself up to look at the boy beneath him once more. "That was...awesome."

"Yeah?" Matt can't quite hide the delight in his tone, biting his lip in an attempt to disguise his smile, but Zach isn't fooled. He leans down with a matching grin to kiss those blue eyes shut, a long, lazy kiss that leaves both their hearts racing. "Yeah," Zach responds when they part, lips dark and voice, eyes soft. "It really was."

He moves to pull out of Matt, knowing that their current position, the mess they've made, must be uncomfortable, but Matt stops him with a shy smile. "Stay?"

Zach quirks an eyebrow. "Like this?"

Matt nods, adding quickly, "It's okay if you don't want to. And I know it might feel weird in the morning or whatever, but I don't mind, I-"

Zach silences him with another kiss, smiling against his mouth. "I'm not going anywhere. And neither are you."

Matt grins in response and presses himself as close to Zach's body as he can manage- after all, they're already as close as they can get- kissing his bare chest as Zach tugs the covers over their bodies and wraps Matt in his arms. He smiles as he feels the smaller boy's heartbeat gradually slow, their chests rising and falling in unison. It takes effort, but just as he's on the verge of unconsciousness, he manages to lift his head enough to press one last kiss to Matt's lips, watching those beautiful blue eyes open in surprise at his touch. "Night, Matt."

Smiling, Matt buries his head against Zach's chest once more to hide his blush despite the darkness of the room, the taste of the other boy's lips still lingering on his own. He places one palm flat on Zach's stomach and slides it up to curl his fingers around his waist instead, cautiously protective and the happiest he's been in- well, as long as he can remember. And that's more than okay. "G'night, Zach."
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iatrogenesis: bassfapcrashcart9 on August 29th, 2010 06:04 am (UTC)
AHH. I had a whole comment to this yesterday, and then I closed everything without thinking so I could burn a DVD, and then it was gone. So, umm, insert imaginary ages long talking about the hottness of this, because it's an inadvertent general rule that my reviews are at least 1/10th of the length of the fic.

Then Zach's pulling off his jeans and reaching for a condom, ripping the foil open with his teeth- fuck, people actually do that?

Fuck, people actually do that? ;D
shut up and play.: White Collarshutupanddplay on September 1st, 2010 02:53 am (UTC)
Awwww, I hate it when that happens! But that's okay. Because I still love this comment as is, haha. I'm so glad you like it! I'm always terrified to post the porn I write, xD. Scratch that, I'm always terrified to post anything I've written. But, yay!

Also: YES. Well, Zachary Quinto does that. Because he's Zachary Quinto and he can do anythinggg. :D
not_a_rummbanot_a_rummba on September 1st, 2010 09:51 am (UTC)

So I was just telling a friend of mine what I would give to have these two men together.

I think you kinda made my life. WOW.

In my world, this really happened. :D

shut up and play.: White Collar Chained Togethershutupanddplay on September 7th, 2010 02:09 am (UTC)
Haha, I'm so glad you liked it!

(I totally know what you mean. In my world, this definitely happened. I mean, it's not THAT implausible... :D)
Gigi, Gina-Beanaadoorhasopened on September 6th, 2010 07:58 am (UTC)
I was randomly searching for Bomer/Quinto fic and stumbled upon this. I'm so glad I did! It was just soooo hot!
I LOVE COLLEGE FIC! And the thought of those beautiful, young, virile boys together? YUM!
shut up and play.: ZQ Thumbs Upshutupanddplay on September 7th, 2010 02:12 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun writing it. 'Cause, I mean, it's not that implausible, y'know? ;)

There needs to be more fic about these two. They'd be so gorgeous together.
Gigi, Gina-Beanaadoorhasopened on September 7th, 2010 02:25 am (UTC)
I know. I'm thinking about writing my own now too. ^-^
shut up and play.: White Collar Chained Togethershutupanddplay on September 7th, 2010 02:41 am (UTC)
Oh, you should! Let me know if you do, I'd love to read it. :D
Gigi, Gina-Beanaadoorhasopened on September 7th, 2010 02:58 am (UTC)
I will! Friending you now so you're on my FList. :D
(Deleted comment)
shut up and play.shutupanddplay on September 18th, 2010 07:02 am (UTC)
I'm so glad the smoking scene comes across well! I've never smoked, so I was completely guessing while writing it, xD. But, yeah, tension is often even hotter than the sex itself, I think. It was definitely fun to write, I'll say that.

I've also never had the guts to post straight-up porn before this, so thank you! That means a lot, haha.

If I ever get back to this, I will be sure to let you know! I brainstormed some ideas with a friend and we came up with a pretty epic plan, so we'll see if I can actually get that written. It'll be a lot of fun, if I can get it right! :P
a particularly troubled Romulan: st:xispocklookingupillariy on October 2nd, 2010 12:09 pm (UTC)
Om nom nom. That was hot! I couldn't help but grin at the moment when it becomes clear that Zach's roommate is also gay. Fuck, yeah! :D Thanks for sharing this hot and fun story.
shut up and play.: ZQ and CFineshutupanddplay on October 3rd, 2010 12:36 am (UTC)
Thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I just couldn't resist writing a pairing this amazing. :)
MichaBcelemie on October 15th, 2010 06:14 am (UTC)



Seriously, I love this. The first time I saw a picture of Bomer in his glasses, I immediately thought of Quinto, and I wished they were friends. And then I looked on wiki and saw that they WERE! And freaked the ever living shit out!!! IT MAKES ME SO HAPPPYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
Seriously, whenever I think about it I can't help grinning!!!!!!!


(sorry for the insanity. They just make me really happy)