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23 November 2010 @ 03:42 am
Fic: Just Tonight  
Title: Just Tonight
Rating: R
Fandom: 90210
Pairing: Teddy/Ian
A/N: Rundown for my friend who promised to read this even though she doesn't watch 90210, xD - so, Teddy and Ian. First off, a picture. Teddy's the blonde, Ian the brunette. Teddy used to be quite the womanizer but one night got extremely wasted and hooked up with Ian (who's openly gay) instead. He later admits to Ian that he didn't get kicked out of boarding school for having girls in his room like most people think, but that he left voluntarily after he started to have feelings for his roommate. So, basically, Teddy's been struggling with his feelings for quite some time, and Ian's trying to help him come to terms with being gay.
Spoilers for next Monday's episode: "While at the beach luau, Teddy gets jealous when he sees Ian with another guy and allows his feelings to control his actions." This is my interpretation of what's to come.
Warning: run-on sentences galore! Seriously, it's a little ridiculous. Also, title and cut from "Just Tonight" by The Pretty Reckless (I hate Taylor Momsen; I love her music. Whatcha gonna do).

Teddy pins Ian beneath the boardwalk, trapping the smaller boy between his body and the damp wood. “What-” Ian begins, but Teddy just shakes his head once, curt, a glint in his eye, and Ian’s mouth shuts, his bottom lip catching between his teeth as his eyes dart to Teddy’s mouth so quickly Teddy might have imagined it-

But he knows he didn’t.

“What were you talking to him about?” Teddy asks, voice low as he jerks his head toward the party that surrounds them, just out of sight (and the proximity, the risk sends a rush through him that’s half terror and half an arousal that’s deeper, darker than anything he’s ever felt before), but he’s not really looking for an answer. Ian seems to realize it, and Teddy’s eyes flick to his bitten lip, teeth so tight on red flesh that it’s turned white, and then Ian shifts and his mouth opens in a near-silent gasp that Teddy mirrors as he feels the strain in Ian’s jeans, his own suddenly far too restricting, and their lips are so close that Teddy can feel Ian’s breath, can hear the whimper that escapes as his hips shift almost imperceptibly and neither of them can quite remember how to breathe.

They’ve been here before. Even if Teddy only remembers that night in bits and pieces, what he can recall is overwhelming and frustrating and he knows it was too much but when he’s lying in bed trying so hard to forget- to remember- to forget, it’s nowhere near enough but this, here, now, this time he has a chance, and he could walk away like he’s been doing for far too long or he could give in and-

He doesn’t let himself get past that, just curls his fingers around the hard line of Ian’s jaw and presses their mouths together with a shudder that echoes through Ian’s body, quivering against his own.

It’s not the first kiss, but it’s the first he can remember and it’s more perfect than it has any right to be, the hot slide of his tongue between Ian’s lips as the smaller boy’s hands clutch at the front of Teddy’s shirt, pulling him impossibly closer. One of these hands laces into Teddy’s hair, fingers tugging at blonde strands as they kiss as though they’re the only ones that exist- or, at least, the only ones that matter- and in this moment, they are.

Teddy’s thigh presses viciously between Ian’s legs, and he feels the brunette’s gasp beneath his lips, swallows the sound into his smile as they rut against one another, desperate and uncaring of whoever might be watching, listening to the chorus of bitten-off moans and whining gasps that permeate the air, much too thick around them. Still they cling to each other, suffocating beneath a veil of lust and something that Teddy’s not yet ready to acknowledge, no matter how far gone he may be- but when Ian shivers and falls apart in his arms, half-moon eyes still sparkling green in the darkness with a combination of amusement and humiliation, Teddy has to bite his lip, hold his tongue, because somehow he doesn’t think he can get away with, “Fuck, you’re beautiful,” quite yet.

Then Ian’s pressing Teddy deeper into the shadows with a wicked grin, glancing back hurriedly as he undoes Teddy’s jeans and sinks to his knees, and Teddy almost lets his head fall back against the wood with a groan but he wants to see, fingers slipping through, gripping at short hair that feels more right under his touch than anything else he can remember before this, before now, before-

“Ian,” he manages, his voice absolutely wrecked as Ian moans around him and takes it, fingers light on Teddy’s hips as Ian swallows him down like it’s all he needs.

The silence that follows is broken only as they each try to catch their breath, Ian sitting back on his heels to wipe his mouth while Teddy zips his jeans, not quite meeting the other boy’s eyes even as he gets to his feet, brushing the sand from his knees, hoping the damp spots that still linger are hidden in the darkness.

“So, um,” Teddy starts, and stops, unsure of what to say or do, eyes fixed upon the sand beneath his feet as he traces patterns across its damp surface, until-

Ian’s fingers cup his chin lightly, grip cautious but firm; Teddy’s eyes lock with his, unable to resist any longer, and Ian leans in, hesitating, almost flinching away for just a moment- as though he’s afraid Teddy will bolt, or push him away, or worse, and Teddy hates himself for giving Ian reason to think that- but then their lips touch, soft, lingering, and Ian remembers his courage and Teddy remembers how it feels to just live.

When they part, Ian sighs and takes a step back, hand slipping down Teddy’s chest before he pulls away. “We should go back,” he murmurs, and this time he’s the one avoiding Teddy’s gaze, unable to mask the sadness in his tone. And Teddy wants to reach out to touch him, to reassure him, somehow, but Ian’s already walking away, back toward the voices and the flickering light of the campfire outside their shadowed haven and Teddy knows nothing he can say will be enough. Not yet.

Still, Ian stops before he steps back out into the fray- into the real world, Teddy thinks, and his chest hurts at how backwards that is, how wrong, but it can’t be- and as he turns to face Teddy, the blonde can see Ian’s grin in the glimmering firelight.

“By the way, that guy-” Ian gestures vaguely in the direction they’d come, and Teddy feels the same burning pang of jealousy that brought him here in the first place, vaguely remembering dark hair, tanned skin, seductive, nearly black eyes- “he’s so not my type.” Ian’s eyes flicker unmistakably down Teddy’s body and Teddy feels himself flush, shivering at the look on Ian’s face, the closest the brunette’s features have ever come to a smirk as he turns away, his “see ya, Teddy,” just barely audible as he leaves him alone beneath the boardwalk.

Adjusting his clothes one last time, Teddy looks down at himself, running over Ian’s words in his mind. Not his type, hmm?

He runs a hand over the damp wood as he follows Ian’s footprints back to the party, breaking out in a grin that feels more genuine than anything he’s managed in weeks. Still, he slips back into his façade as he steps outside, leaving this reality behind, beneath the boardwalk with the ghost of Ian’s lips and hands; it’s nowhere near enough, but when he catches Ian’s eye, his smile from across the crowded beach, the grin he can’t help but return in spades tells him that this is far from the end.
smut_slut: slash unites the worldsmut_slut on November 30th, 2010 02:29 am (UTC)
HOTHOTHOT!!! Wish this had happened *pouts*
wallypog617wallypog617 on November 30th, 2010 05:41 am (UTC)
amazing story!!! i really can't wait till next week to find out what happens with these two!
Jason Walkerky87 on December 13th, 2010 07:48 am (UTC)
I have been searching...
I have been looking for an Ian and Teddy story for so long. This was perfect. You tell a story so well. I love it.